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Whether you’re building a new home or adding a new pool, you’ll need to prepare the ground first. Excavation requires the right equipment, knowledge, and skill to do it safely and properly. Hiring a professional excavation company is the way to go, but what should you look for when choosing one?

SD&G Contracting is a full-service excavation company. They share what to look for in quality excavation companies:

Experience and knowledge

There’s a lot to consider when excavating land, and just as much that can go wrong. The soil beneath the surface may be different, such as muddy or sandy, which can risk collapsing. Buried power or gas lines can be deadly if hit and can cause severe damage. An excavation company should have contractors with the right knowledge to handle all aspects of the job. They’ll know just what to look out for and what safety measures need to be in place. Look for a company with proven skills through various projects and years of experience. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or look at previous testimonials as well.

The right equipment and services

You can’t excavate without the right equipment, and that isn’t just limited to having just one kind of machinery. Excavation work may require a variety of equipment, depending on the type of soil or project. Companies like SD&G Contracting offer everything from excavation to snow removal. Having the right equipment will guarantee that your excavation is completed safely and efficiently. Likewise, a company with a range of services is likely going to be a more cost-effective choice. They can help with more than just one project aspect, such as handling the cleanup as well or doing any demolition.

Licensed and insured

A licensed company is proof that their workers have the right skills and knowledge to handle your project safely. It also shows that the contractors are trained to use any equipment safely. Insurance as well helps protect homeowners from any liabilities such as property damage or injury. That gives you peace of mind, but it’s also a legal sign that you are choosing the right company. For example, SD&G Contracting is fully licensed and insured and prides themselves on peace of mind solutions.

Recommended and open communicators

Satisfied past customers will likely leave glowing reviews and mention how the work went. Look through old projects or find social media pages to see what people write or say and how the company interacts with customers. Likewise, you want to have clear communication with your excavation contractor.

Excavating Contractors in Cornwall

SD&G Contracting prides itself on ensuring peace of mind for every customer and on every project. Their full range of services guarantees that they have the equipment and skills for any job. Whether you need excavation work, foundation repairs, or new basement windows, they have a range of services to help.

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