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Should I fertilize?

The Type and amount of fertilizer used for your lawn will be based on the variety of grass. Cool and warm season grasses have different nutrient necessities. Some fertilizers can boost grass blade growth instead of root growth, especially spring and summer formulas.

Avoid these because root growth is important to ensure a healthy lawn. Most of the time turf grass is normally fertilized at the farm just before harvest. So, an additional application isn’t normally needed right away.

When to apply fertilizer?

To ensure that root growth has been established professionals usually recommend a granular fertilizer. Always check the label of the fertilizer you’re using before opening.

It is usually recommended to water your lawn beforehand as granules typically need to be wet in order to break down.

Once spreading, it is usually recommended to spread the granules with a broadcast spreader for even coverage.

How do I use a spreader?

The settings should be set for the amount of fertilizer you wish to use. You can find this information on the label or spreader instructions.

When filling your spreader always fill on a hard surface like your driveway. It can damage your lawn if spilled. Sweep up any leftover fertilizer. If you do spill on your grass you need to clean the area immediately. A shopvac works great. You should then soak the area with water to reduce the chance of damage.

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