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Mowing your new grass

New grass should only be mowed once it’s rooted. When cutting be sure to remove no more then 1/3 of the grass. The height can vary depending on if the grass is warm, cool or the type of grass.Always keep your blades sharp. If your blade isn’t sharp it will tear the grass instead of a clean cut. These rips in the grass will cause the lawn to lose water increasing the need of irrigation. Which can results in more stress and makes the lawn more vulnerable to disease.

For newly installed grass is it recommended to leave the clippings on the lawn, contrary to belief this won’t cause thatch. Thatch usually only occurs when it’s over fertilized or the soil is compacted. (Read our previous post to learn more.)

As long as you follow the 1/3 cutting rule grass clipping won’t smother the grass. What will happen is the grass will dry out and work their way down to the soil. This will return nutrients to the soil resulting in less fertilizer use. It also keeps the soil cool which will help it retain moisture.

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